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timE is a melody

recently in the studio (not spacejunk )  and currently being more of a musician,   and in particular back hitting drums ... usually in some organised fashion- organised by the brain and some grey matter bucket brigade- messages relayed , to instruct muscles to pull levers that instigate motion, and result in an impact- a stick/ a mallet... strikes a surface... cymbal/ batter head... a resonant cavity beneath explodes or just..( if covered in cloth).. thumps..... and a trigger makes a circuit- sample leaves a speaker-  all at once or in singular fashion

....there's a pattern to it all, and the pattern can be learnt and enjoyed and played repeatedly.... just the same as a harmonic melody,  its mantric, memorable, hypnotic,  it makes us move...

BUT also the RATE at which it progesses , a rate that can and should sometimes be Variable , this TOO  is a MELODY  to be learnt and enjoyed and played  -

timE is a melody

   .. and  i love it

i am addicted to th challenge of chasing tempo maps, and finding th line alongside/between groups of instruments that have their own tempo melody.       learn it.

learn it just like a chorus hook or refrain- or one off poem-

then do it- play it- make it sound as tho it all was born of the same moment, same impulse, same wave....

it's a zen thing... it's a belief...

its addictive .

bandit on location- rancom st- botany

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