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th year of the timElord ......... 2 0 1 2 open for (sound) biz

thursdays are saturdays this february, so timE today to reflect on the first few weeks back in th 'junk with th junk that makes all the stuff we lovE.....    still in love with the Empirical Labs Fatso, and using it last in the chain on nearly everything, either active, 'spanking' or just doing its ridiculously fast hi hi end 'de- ess' smoothing-  its the perfect positive counter to the negatives of the digital domain we nearly always have as our DAW destination now and forevermore.......  i wonder whether many others have had time and inclination to fully explore this brilliant machine, and use it enough to experience the cumulative effect of its harmonic colour and ANALOGUE- ness         which reminds me how POSITIVE i am about digital overall, loving the functionality of Logic Pro (now a $200 app???????????????????£™¢∞§¶•ªº–≠‘“πøˆ¨¥©ƒ©˙ )   and the sound of Lavry Blue AD and DA.    THIS  begs the question again, "just how dumbed down or brilliantly fixed up will LOGIC X be???????? "-               if it goes the way of the former, then i am OFFICIALLY calling all magic geeks who build software daw's,     to design and supply a one off prototype for this bandit and Spacejunk III that is MINE..................... save us from the "update or be deleted" treadmill that the machine and software makers have us all running daily, for ever. 

      ..........muse=        knowing the ultimately divergent ways of my mind, the daily use of the common man's tools doesnt really threaten one's creative originality..... BUT starting work daily with th same app available for peanuts to every Mac owner on th planet still feels a tad uncomfortably NOT special.     

................. muse again=     with th slow demise of large studios and shrinking of recording budgets, what are the new realities of musicians and artists being able to experience both time and relationships and self correction and improvement in groups or large numbers??? and ........... where and when does the "net" get turned off to lessen distraction, promote originality and style, feed the dreamers and lose the fast fix merchants? 

did i say??- i LIKE sansamp- the classic with dipswitches and the original rackmount PSA 1-

i LIKE the new VXT-8 monitors KRK sent me to try in lieu of the tired old V8's-

i LIKE old Princeton Amps

i LOVE my Yamaha Electone Organ which is so much more-  couldnt quite drive to Dural to nab one on ebay for $1.50 tho.... still with 2 spares in the wings thru friends we are safe?

i like a wet summer mostly- tho not for those who suffer from floods and trouble-

i like the trees, it hurts when one sees them hacked down-

apparently i have allowed tress to flourish that are in fact weeds-

who says?

i need a new drawers cabinet for my microphones, now that a "minor "flood has been averted in the spacejunk  "laundry' drum room, with so much packed up in haste- so many beloved toys have no home-

the tree's make the drawers that i need,  thats a dilemma-     

i LIKE to hang things on hooks


(note to self- provide pictures here and...here )

-  and,


why are drums so noisy?


they hurt


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Reader Comments (4)

"hanging on hooks" sounds like a possible title of an album

February 10, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersioux cee

Indeed - why are drums so noisy? Is it because they bring us to life, they center every song, they set the pace and cause the excitement?

Must be :-)

Look forward to more musings loudly from the TimeBandit.

February 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChu-Chi

Love the banner and the blog.
But can you stick some reverb across the verbs.
and compress the spell check.
And I think the subject is spilling into the predicate as well, but that's blogging for you.

February 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChristian

Drums are best when adrenaline's in check. Only use cymbals as needed.

February 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRobin

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