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Hammock - asleep

timEbandit Powles in conversation with Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson of Hammock talking about "Asleep in the Downlights"


Hammock - Breathturn from David Altobelli on Vimeo.


interesting quote from Eno

"But what's different is that 1978 was the era of musicians, while now is the era of producers. Like the 18th and 19th century was about those who understood the great innovation of that time: the orchestra. Today's great innovation is the studio, the recording process and that every piece of music, apart from being a sonic pleasure, is an experiment in social organisation. There is a morality there, a producer tries to make the social unit work, and so the music you make is a statement of belief about how society could work."

Interview at:


June/July timE flies

# final mixes on Nashville post-rock ambi band Hammock's collaboration with timEbandit and Steve Kilbey of the church are done and posted to USA for mastering, each of them with a lead vocal cameo on a previously instrumental track- both released asap, initially  on 7 " vinyl only-

# tracking continues on the debut album for  Winters Wish from central coast-     ambient post rock, acoustics thru leslie's, eko's into eko's  into eko's , into.......

# th bandit plastered trademark drum hits across Wons Phreely's next Longplayer with Skeeter at th helm

# mixing second single/ EP for Sydney electro pop  kids, The Khans, featuring Roland goes to Africa sample fest-
speaking of Africa-   timEbandit has just mixed  (and mastered with King Willy Sound)   Lyall Maloney's debut EP, almost exclusively written and recorded on an extended trip thru Ethiopia, mostly on a Zoom H4 recorder at 96K, including much incidental ambience from his travels

# Seattle's Halflight, final album mix tweaks, mostly "in th box' mixing on laptop- started 'on tour' in USA in Jan/Feb - timEbandit to master in Late July here at SJ III

# Day One of pre pro on Holly Rankin's mammoth sound n light vision album concept with fellow Desire The Horse cohorts Lyall and Dom-

# just completed 9 day recording block for Montpelier (from Brisbane's) debut ( possibly mini OR maxi ) album- and now mixing the above- 6 day block- Dave and Greg down for th fun

# rumour of th month- sniff sniff- is that an MCI JH 24 2" machine moving in? Mood rocker Michael Cullen might know the secret.....


Universe Within - Autism Awareness and Benfit Gig 

Universe Within 

- Special thanks to all  - those who shared the stage and those who came to support.

Photos are up on the church facebook page

A post gig wrap up from Tim can be heard at - thanks to Thom Moore for coming and playing a tune

If you missed the night and are interested in supporting the cause you can do so here




Universe Within - Autism Benefit Gig featuring members of 'the church'June 23 @ Red Rattler