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Enjoying timEbandit tracks from TYG's In Space (1999)

Thanks David Duchow for the vision





Spring Tides

 Here in October- Holly Rankin has finished her recording but we cant say what v=because she has oh so secret plans / buts its mad, and great/ including Arlen from Winters Wish who dropped in to add guitar magic, Dave Bulger read a poem, Johhny Z plucked sum thumpin dbl bass, Regular Ryan bent analogue rules n broke em, Trevor Davies is in the team, and who the hell is Jack River......... the Benjalu gang sang in the left speaker n th khanz crew in th right- the animals are indeed dancing-   we said its mad-      so there's  way to the coast -new single for Benjalu-   mixed and mastered  -(Willy B ) and about to assault th airwaves in dec , and recording a new track this week with th guys- with RideFinger in residence- single for The Khanz - Wolves, already doing radio battle- mixed, mastered - (Don Bartley ) // and already trackin a follow up next week-   debut album for Central Coast's Winters Wish mixed ( a month or so back ), and mastered  - (Willy B ) ...... more Remixes currently occurring for Nashville's post rock ambi experts Hammock, the double album having been mixed here in July, and Destroy All Noise-  (Dan from Switchkickers new outfit  ) -    drum tracks have occurred/ are occurring with th T bandit el tempo bandito- three kits setup ready to go anytime currently- what destination for these beats n sounds we dont know- do you know timEbandit?????? , Dave Trumpmanis is in tweaking with th bandit for the DVD full length version of "the church live at Sydney Opera House with Orchestra " ..... the list goes on, inc many visits by Teddy Howard aka "RideFinger"  (more often he's in th chair at Rancom St)  who has been doing tag team mixing with Tbandit since the pair perfected the system on the now released . TimEbandit-produced Regular John album-  Strange Flowers..... nearly all these sessions have seen drum action in the crazy drumspace at Spacejunk..     we got a new Focusrite ISA220 sessionpack channel strip so we can go Clean- Joe Malone sent us  modified Chameleon Labs  bus compresor we're checking out.....  peacE,  timEbandit Powles.


Strange Flowers in the making


Benjalu have been in the house


ATOM Awards 

The Khanz video for 'Prescription Culture' directed by Sam Bright has been listed as a finalist in the Atom Awards!

Check it out here