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timEbandit 'live' @ Spectrum- Sat June 15 2013

timEbandit 'live' @ Spectrum with guest collective featuring Willy Beatz B- (owden )  th Mast er rer on various radio's and kaos pad-   sister Caitlin West on sing and hum, the Bright Brothers so bright- a low level strum.... Ben Gumbleton of  th Benjalu Crew sing strum hum drive and vibe, scientist and mathetically musical genius and narrator David Bulger on trumpet mute and Matrix 1000-  the bandit himself on console, voice, samples samples and program.     Huge Thanx to all on and off stage- was a seriously magical spikE in th known UniversE of th bandit, and vibrant open doorway to Universes awaiting- the night previous rehearsal at Spacejunk was a one-off pleasure mountain- many of the songs penned for the event in the week previous are now mostly recorded, and will escape to th outside asap..... inc Caitlin's own mostly acapella tune "Houses" , and "Colder"... a Gumbi and th T bandit duet.... the Bright Bros Attenborough inspired bandit collaboration.."Bones on the Outside"     .......  and the show closer.. timEbandit's Autoheart....

more to comE




A message from TimEbandit 

i got sum buttons i push, some noises, beats... maybe, and bend timE, obviously........- n willy B- (owden ) he's th Mast er rer he does stuff with th radiowaves- we know that- we don't know HOW-
some Brothers so bright n sister Caitlin West will sing and hum, a low level strum.......... come. humbly we go before the wishes of winter....
warmed by khanzian star war drive.......... come


Head to Stars

Jack River’s first ever single – Head to Stars -  the first release from ON NATURE  ( Part One )– the debut album to be released 23rd March through MGM/Jack River Records.-, in two parts. Produced by timEbandit with a cast of many, all centered around chief Jack River muse, song writer and conceptualist - Holly Rankin



timEbandit in conversation with Matt Schrader from Spire Focus

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Enjoying timEbandit tracks from TYG's In Space (1999)

Thanks David Duchow for the vision