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June July August September

June July August September has been wrap up time for th timEbandit at Spacejunk on several projects- and splatters on th canvas for new collaborations with an eclectic mix of artists who have been thru the studio.  

The Faults  -sydney two-piece-  SG guitar (AEA92's on twin Twins ) drum heaven with suitably 60's tinged sonics- snappy tom makes th big super original Ludwig beats - dynamics all over smashed up- Bardl cheap pzm on th LAUNDRY  floor-seven tracks recorded, mixed by t Bandit   and mastered by Don at Benchmark and t Bandit /       Oli is disbelieving........ 

 Snappy Tom



  The Bright Young Things- dark electro pop- beats slammed thru Nomad Factory plugs and Devil Loc hell   - four tracks over dubbed, mixed and mastered by King Willy-       

      new comer bluesy popster Tim Jones debut five track ep final mixes and mastering c/- Andrew Edgson @301- Carlos and Nick from DeepSeaArcade make up th studio 3 piece combo-  beats lite and easy AEA92's in front- SM7 over the shoulder- slammed over easy style         /

the Khanz rolled out another single- "Roll Around"/ beats c/- Le lion Blanc…..     //   

Gumbi (front person from Benjalu ) and timEbandit jam up new tracks for a collaboration well under way- ( beats predominantly things not drums hit thru microphones thru th leslie cab?-    timEbandit spends two weeks recording and writing/ typing beats with Chip from Brisvegas-  th project is CCC, 1st single REACT due in Nov- Chip hammers th keys lent kindly by Stan Holroyd the brilliant keys man himself who builds guitar amps (watch out ) and owns every vintage keyboard imagined- the Bardl Pzm goes INSIDE the Yamaha CP70- UNDER the Hohner Pianet- N-    Under th RS-202 String/Brass ensemble- and  that and the Ominchord go thru KRK speakers and recorded with AKG451 at a distance- (Sansamps are involved- guitars are NOT )   crazy vintage style microphones are bought on ebay and sung thru with ridiculous software monitoring chains- encouraging suitable results-   /  timEbandit works to complete solo album with actress/singer Caitlin West sharing some vocal fun-