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Hammock have announced mastering has begun for their fifth LP and first double album. This album was mixed by TimEbandit at Spacejunk.  Entitled Departure Songs, the official release date is Oct 2nd.The first vid from the album - for the song Tape Recorder -is on YouTube.

Regular John’s Slume is an open heartbreak bandaged in fuzz, Syd Barrett slides and Zepped out time signature changes.It's the first single from the bands 2nd album, Strange Flowers, and they’ve just released a video like no other on the interwebz. This song's already on high rotation at JJJ radioand other stations across Australia..
“Choosing to record again with longtime collaborator Tim Powles (the church), Strange Flowers stretches sonically and emotionally into dimensions only hinted on their debut, with Powles production bringing layered headphone bliss while retaining the power of the bands live sound”.....

Other fires burning --- Holly Rankin (Desire the Horse), Red Zora, Benjalu, and the Khanz new single- wolves.. Smouldering is Seattle's Half Light's new album sooooo long awaited,  sitting on the mastering floor as we speak.......

Recommended viewing :

Regular John - Slume

The Khanz -Prescription Culture   (this ingenious video was directed and produced by Sam Bright - son of timEbandit- and of ASTREETLIGHTSONG fame and has already been shown on RAGE several times)

Hammock - Tape Recorder

Winters Wish - Persia