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timEbandit has taken the final mixes of the much loved and monstrous 14 track Regular John album to William Bowden for mastering. Ted Howard dragged himself all the way from Rancom Street to assist with final mixes - timEbandit and Ted have found a killer combination.   

Hammock's double mix deadline is looming as timEbandit bends sleepzones and timezones. Skypes between Sydney and Nashville are daily and mix tweaks are creating some amazing post rock ambi listening. 

Holly Rankin returns to the studio for the next couple of months to put down and mix final tracks for her upcoming EP due for release later this year.

Benjalu are in the house for a couple of days - we're enjoying the sounds.  

Winters Wish have been busy producing their conceptually beautiful video for Persia (see below) and return to Spacejunk to continue working on the tracks for the EP.