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Two Age or not TOO Age's some clues to follow to check out some lads i've been hangin with in Spacejunk III- shape shifting and dream weaving, timE bending n mind morphing....and over the last 18 months- .. trumpet fanfare ˙∆˚¬˚∆˙©ƒ√∫ the first single is here.......


timEbandit and friends get technical with AT Mag 

The Bandit thanks his cohorts in print here, and also extra thanks to Skeet, Dan Switchkicker and Arlen McCarthy (Winters Wish) for their mix contributions which was not documented here.    


The Lost Year - Feb 2014 - Jan 2015

Things certainly happened in and around Spacejunk III, we just stopped documenting proceedings...but

It was a busy, bumpy year, here's a few things for the history books...not necessarily in chronological order

Red Zora - an EP grew into an album, though it was still released as an EP in December 2014...Album to come working title 'Lovers and Addicts'.

The Faults completed their seven track mini album, signed their souls away to publishing gods in another universe - or at least the souls of a few of their songs. At least one of these songs was reported played on American major city radio stations,  the timEbandit smiled inside as the gospel spread- but the boys in th band stayed at home and partied instead-   then......

Oli from the faults spent some (of his) quality time with the Bandit fine tuning his first solo tracks, cool blend of indi garage pop and cranky Ableton super structures. Plenty of overuse of the MCI 2 inch tape machine with tracks custom biased for tasty distortions and generous amounts of vari speed at mix down. 

Holly Rankin - AKA Jack River popped in and out to consult with the timEbandit and share visions of new found playgrounds for her song explorations... demos were done... she will return. 

The Church - dominated the ical bookings from March to May as Kilbey and the Bandit concentrated on vocals and arrangements for the now locally released 'Further/Deeper' album, out on double vinyl soon official North American release January 19, 2015. New guitar player Ian Haug visited for tweeks and overdubs and the Bandit went into overdrive and beyond collating and co-ordinating the project including mixing four tracks himself. The other mix crew members were David Trumpanis, Ted Howard and Simon Polinski, with assistance from the couch by Arlen McCArthy (Winters Wish), Daniel Switchkicker Sutherland and the honourable David Skeet.

2Age have arrived. Debut EP is mastered (by the also honourable Sir Don Bartley of Blue Mountains fame) young Jimmy Christowski and the boys under the mentorship of the timEbandit have arrived at the starting gate to the journey to the centre of the universe... = reverb, rock and youthful prose. first single 'Face to Face', should escape into the world any day now.


Most importantly and selfishly for spiders from Spacejunk... the timEbandit manipulated every second-minute-hour that fell at his feet and his own solo creations and collaborations have become realities and not just random files from post midnight lost miles...

We can't decide if this thing is the PeaceBandits or simply the Universal TimE Machine... but what ever its title the timEbandit has gathered an albums worth of new material featuring performances and collaborative  compositions with up and comers Caitlin West and Ben Gumbleton AKA Boo Seeka, and veteran sound benders Dave Bulger (trumpet with mute/synth/mathematical genius) and King Will Bowden - the Masterer (truly one of the worlds leading proponents of manipulated short wave radio - timEbandit christened this radiotronics). 

tracklist includes Autoheart,       Lost,Misplaced,Replaced     ,     Suffer (delicious rework of Tyg's In Space track featuring Caitlin - west is th best- )   Springwood High,     There's Too Much Music in the World ( features sample track from All India Radio )    and Lee and Lola- and much much more     here's a snap of Lola aka Prof SugarFizz narrating Pats story- ( Pat McCarthy of Winters Wish just offloaded- and its all history now- )

also known as Caitlin West of Springwood High... the above artiste is working on her solo debut with timEbandit- her own compositons- and some collaborations with the bandit- ...featuring some sophisticated heavy ambient reverb laden music from the timEbandits brief Nashville Floodville sessions with Hammock - post rock space-for-days experts....

CCC =   Control Chaos Chill       video and 1st single out in March this year-

thats all we can say....

Jimmy Hilbun and J Zorro Cass and their Sweet Lil Rider tunes visisted the band too- got mixed up- with th bandit - by the bandit-    swamp,     blues.... more swamp...........nice

Richie C and Burnsie escaped from Spacejunk with three tracks hammered and bent by the bandit- it is ... simply-  rock, with a little more......   rock


All of the above and more .....




Lost In Space- Jan 2014

Brief update on timE passed since November 2013-     timEbandit has completed work on Michael Cullens next solo album, including prepping tracks for and attending mastering at Sydney's 301 with Andrew Edgson, compiling the master from a balance of mixes by UK's Danton Supple (Coldplay / Autoheart / etc ) and timEbandit himself.

The PeacE Bandits played a houseparty upstairs of SpacejunkIII as a farewell gig to WillY th Masterer, who is now setup in his new residence and studio in Tasmania- we recorded and filmed some of this- the same crew were on stage as the Spectrum gig in June-  Winters Wish played an electro mood set with Willy guesting on radio too-

Sydney songsmith Greg Hantes recorded a debut solo EP with the bandit producing and engineering, plus performances on kit/percussion/keys and more... acoustic old skool classic stuff-

The Khanz popped in and had their new self-produced single massaged and tweaked at pre mix stage- and then final mix dropped thru th bandit chain- out now- Deerhunter -

Sophie Hanlon and producer Skeet did some writing and recording for new release-

the VoodooSons tracked their debut single tentatively titled SloMotion via th MCI 2" tape machine with Teddy Howard engineering and T bandit twisting the future - to be mastered asap-

the timeEbandit has been lost in spacE over at rancom street studios with Teddy Howard on and off thru November, Jan and into Feb - working tirelesly with members of the church on a massive bunch of tracks - blog on this to come.....


June July August September

June July August September has been wrap up time for th timEbandit at Spacejunk on several projects- and splatters on th canvas for new collaborations with an eclectic mix of artists who have been thru the studio.  

The Faults  -sydney two-piece-  SG guitar (AEA92's on twin Twins ) drum heaven with suitably 60's tinged sonics- snappy tom makes th big super original Ludwig beats - dynamics all over smashed up- Bardl cheap pzm on th LAUNDRY  floor-seven tracks recorded, mixed by t Bandit   and mastered by Don at Benchmark and t Bandit /       Oli is disbelieving........ 

 Snappy Tom



  The Bright Young Things- dark electro pop- beats slammed thru Nomad Factory plugs and Devil Loc hell   - four tracks over dubbed, mixed and mastered by King Willy-       

      new comer bluesy popster Tim Jones debut five track ep final mixes and mastering c/- Andrew Edgson @301- Carlos and Nick from DeepSeaArcade make up th studio 3 piece combo-  beats lite and easy AEA92's in front- SM7 over the shoulder- slammed over easy style         /

the Khanz rolled out another single- "Roll Around"/ beats c/- Le lion Blanc…..     //   

Gumbi (front person from Benjalu ) and timEbandit jam up new tracks for a collaboration well under way- ( beats predominantly things not drums hit thru microphones thru th leslie cab?-    timEbandit spends two weeks recording and writing/ typing beats with Chip from Brisvegas-  th project is CCC, 1st single REACT due in Nov- Chip hammers th keys lent kindly by Stan Holroyd the brilliant keys man himself who builds guitar amps (watch out ) and owns every vintage keyboard imagined- the Bardl Pzm goes INSIDE the Yamaha CP70- UNDER the Hohner Pianet- N-    Under th RS-202 String/Brass ensemble- and  that and the Ominchord go thru KRK speakers and recorded with AKG451 at a distance- (Sansamps are involved- guitars are NOT )   crazy vintage style microphones are bought on ebay and sung thru with ridiculous software monitoring chains- encouraging suitable results-   /  timEbandit works to complete solo album with actress/singer Caitlin West sharing some vocal fun-